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Free standing washbasin 70x43

    The 70x43 cm countertop basin: a smart choice for a modern style bathroom

    Let’s face it, furnishing a room like the bathroom is not exactly a simple challenge.

    Each bathroom fixture, piece of furniture or wall-hung vanity unit must be placed in the best way so as not to compromise the use of the space available and the comfort of every single the person in the household. Not surprisingly, the 70x43 cm countertop basin, thanks to its compact and reasonable dimensions, proves to be the ideal solution for furnishing every type of bathroom with taste, charm, and simplicity, from the most traditional and classic to the most original and modern style bathroom.  

    Additionally, the rectangular shape is the most suitable for making full use of the washbasin, thanks to an ergonomic outline made of simple and clean lines devoid of useless frills. Furthermore, the 70x43 cm countertop basin by Kerasan does not weigh very much and, therefore, is perfect to be used in complete and total safety.

    Why choose a countertop basin?

    When we decide to furnish our bathroom, we cannot and must not neglect any aspect, so as not to compromise the design and balance of the environment. Therefore, choosing a countertop basin is the right solution, especially when we do not have a lot of space, and the aim is to make the bathroom much more enjoyable for every member of the family. Not surprisingly, Kerasan has decided to focus on the production of a striking washbasin specifically designed to embellish any environment.

    Choosing a 70x43 cm countertop basin is also extremely advantageous in terms of minimal overall dimensions and easy cleaning, a fundamental requirement when the bathroom is small. It is also worth noting that the basin has a captivating, seductive and intriguing aesthetic style. Able to fit into any type of bathroom, the countertop basin requires a worktop or vanity unit to sit on: it will not be difficult to find the one that best suits the needs of the whole family if you look at the infinite solutions offered by Kerasan.

    Be inspired by a unique design

    What really leaves you breathless when you consider the solutions proposed by Kerasan, is the characteristic predisposition to respond to the dreams and desires of customers. In fact, in a modern style bathroom characterised by a contemporary charm, the washbasin is an integral part of the vanity unit that supports it. Until recently, however, this fixture was considered a stand-alone item, far away from the rest of the bathroom furniture, although perfectly coordinated with the other sanitary ware.

    Therefore, considered the most popular product of recent years, the countertop basin has taken the form of a simple basin resting, obviously, on the top it is placed on. Deep enough to ensure complete cleanliness and ease of use, the 70x43 cm countertop basin by Kerasan is one of the flagships of the brand, thanks to its unique, original, and inimitable design.