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Washbasins 45x45

    Countertop basins with different shapes are one of the most common trends in bathroom decor. Versatile and visually striking, these fixtures offer a high degree of customization in the bathroom because they can be easily matched with different kinds of countertops, chests of drawer and cabinets. Innovative and classy, the 45x45 cm washbasin is a good furnishing solution for the relaxation area of a house which is built in a very contemporary style and in step with the times. The square basin has a design studied in detail: strong lines and a light structure are highlighted by the brightness of ceramics that make it appropriate for renovating private bathrooms and public toilets, as well as those in hotels or other facilities.

    The square washbasin: functionality and innovative design

    The 45x45 cm basin is made of glazed porcelain obtained by using fine raw materials and implementing a cutting-edge manufacturing process for the purpose of offering good and high-performing sanitary ware in terms of technical quality and functionality. A solid, wear-resistant and clean structure distinguish this basin, make it long lasting and ensure high standards of comfort and safety during use. Easy-to-clean, it has a smooth and shiny surface that facilitates the flow of water and easy removal of grime. Thus, it is the perfect fixture to satisfy daily needs of organization and convenience dictated by modern life.

    A square washbasin for modern style bathrooms

    The 45x45 cm sink, with its solid geometry and neutral color, is designed to encourage the creativity in interior design of those who prefer a minimal but elegant style in the bathroom. Easily combinable with gloss or matt lacquered cabinets, wooden or marble or stone countertops in different shades, this washbasin is a product which is made-in-Italy and is able to fit harmoniously into the bathroom and customize it in an unconventional way. The compact size makes it an ideal solution for small bathrooms in homes or private offices, as well as for medium sized or large bathrooms, where it can be installed in pairs to create a double sink area.