Kerasan presents the Aquatech urinal

    Designed by Massimiliano Cicconi, the Kerasan Aquatech collection presents an elegant and practical urinal which is flush with the ground, a mix of soft and sinuous lines that seem to reproduce the delicacy of the flow of water, concealing cutting-edge technological solutions with avant-garde sophistication. Designed for the male all ages, from childhood to adult age, the Aquatech urinal is the best alternative to the classic toilet not only in functional terms but also from an aesthetic point of view.

    The elegance of a Made-in-Italy urinal

    The Aquatech urinal, a product denoted by an incomparable Italian quality, is perfect for furnishing the most modern and contemporary bathrooms, opting for rounded shapes and a sober, simple style. In the same way, it lends itself perfectly to more classical environments, proposing a delicate elegance with a noble touch. The refinement that distinguishes its design is enclosed in a smooth and luminous glossy white ceramic, able to recreate an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

    How is the Aquatech urinal by Kerasan made?

    The contemporary lines conceal cutting-edge technologies, able to ensure saving a considerable amount of water while maintaining its beauty. The Aquatech back-to-wall, floor-standing urinal is sold complete with WB5N fixings and siphon, which guarantee an excellent and robust anchorage to the wall and appropriate stability on the floor.

    Urinal: an all-male sanitary fixture

    Buying the Aquatech back-to-wall, floor-standing urinal means relying on the quality of a product made completely in Italy by Kerasan and choosing a unique, elegant, refined bathroom fixture. Dedicated to the male world, the Aquatech urinal will satisfy all your needs with sobriety and discretion, hiding the functionality in a modern and sophisticated look. The materials used, resistant and modern, have given life to a piece of bathroom furniture perfect for singles and for family men, adults and children. It adapts perfectly to any type of installation, from domestic to office and commercial environments. In all of these cases, you can count on the impeccable quality of the brand and on the resistance of a smooth, bright, solid and durable ceramic, which will give a touch of style to any environment.