Our entire range of back-to-wall sanitary ware

Kerasan presents back-to-wall sanitary ware to demonstrate how it is possible to combine aesthetics, efficiency and innovation in the bathroom. They have been designed to meet the needs of those who are looking for refinement, aesthetic sense, simplicity of cleanliness, order and why not, a touch of modernity in toilets and bidets for their bathroom.

The back-to-wall sanitary ware, with the modern meaning proposed by Kerasan, are characterized by a floor installation in which toilets and bidets are completely flush against the wall. This is an important characteristic that can be exploited in small bathrooms, since they allow you to save floor space.

Another equally fundamental feature is their shape that allows you to hide the ugly, unhygienic tangle of flexible water and drain pipes. Doing so, it will not only be easier to clean the bathroom but, it will be also safer because the toilet and bidet connections are not visible. Your bathroom which will appear more orderly and elegant undoubtedly benefits from the combination of all these features. Kerasan offers a series of diverse bathroom fixtures that range from classic to modern style. Classic style models have the features of the retro style of the 19th century, being mainly inspired by the Victorian age and the neo-gothic American period. The retro style, with its traditional and solid structure, is characterised by oval and rectangular shapes with rounded corners. The edges of this sanitary ware, which evokes the above-mentioned style, are thick and rounded, standing out in comparison with the basin.

Kerasan toilets have a thick seat cover and can be matched with side lever cisterns. Kerasan bidets are furnished with a one-tap hole but they can have a three-tap hole where there is more room available. They also have a simple overflow opening that can be embellished with a metal ring in several finishes contrasting with the glaze of the ceramics. A very appealing double handled water faucet can be fixed on 3-hole bidets, in chrome or gold finish, according to your personal taste.

Modern-style bathroom fixtures have simpler and more compact shapes, and some models look like stone. Toilets have a very thin toilet seat and soft-closing hinges on most models. A mono bloc mixer tap with a simple and sober design and clean and fine lines and a single lever with a chrome drain plug can be mounted on bidets. Among back-to-wall sanitary ware by Kerasan we can count the following models:

• Back-to-wall toilets
• Close-coupled toilets
• Toilet with floor mounted cistern
• Extended toilet
• NO RIM toilets, without rim
• Single holed or 3-holed bidets
• Bidets with ceramic back panel
Kerasan back-to-wall sanitary ware, depending on the model, can have two types of waste outlet: S/trap (floor mounted) or P/trap (wall mounted/suspended). The S/P drainage system allows the connection on the floor or alternatively to the wall, using simple plastic pipes as connectors that are supplied directly by Kerasan.

The back-to-wall sanitary ware satisfy all needs in terms of space: from smaller-sized sanitary ware, 36 cm wide and 46 cm deep or 35 cm wide and 50 cm deep, up to the largest ones, 36.5 cm wide and 65 cm deep or 35 cm wide and 69 cm deep.