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Bidet BTW

    According to Plato, “Each of us, is a ‘matching half’ of a human whole…” the same happens in the Retro sanitary ware collection by Kerasan.

    The BTW (back-to-wall) bidet: the matching half

    Plato’s other half described in his Symposium, tells of round human beings with four legs and four arms, two identical faces on opposite sides of a head with four ears, and everything else which matches. As they were powerful and unruly and were threatening to scale the heavens, Zeus devised to cut them into two like a sorb apple which is halved for pickling. After that, human beings longed for their other half so much that they searched for it everywhere.
    The BTW bidet of the Retro collection follows this myth. Certainly, this beautiful bidet has not suffered the same fate of the "human beings” described by Plato, but it represents the matching half of the BTW toilet because together, they can make the bathroom the perfect room in the house.

    The bidet

    Just like the toilet, also the BTW bidet is fixed tightly to the wall, so that it can hide the pipes with elegance and style, making the bathroom neat and tidy. The bidet is made of white Italian vitreous china, a fascinating, high-quality material. Also noteworthy is the frame of the back, which recalls the simple and harmonious curves of the bidet. The accurate measure of 61 cm makes this bidet comfortable and convenient for everyday use, while boasting the classic and vintage style of its design. With a single waste hole, the BTW bidet requires a mixer tap that enhances its overall appearance. In any case, it is also possible to have three tap holes on request in order to mount an even more vintage style mixer tap.