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Close coupled wc pan

    Kerasan close-coupled toilets are a solution which will enable you to optimize space and, at the same time, furnish the bathroom in an absolutely functional, practical and aesthetically refined manner. Versatility and aesthetics, practicality and design come together in a single product: this is the concept that inspired the TriBeCa collection close-coupled toilet. Creating a toilet with a coordinated cistern also avoids making changes to existing systems, an innovative but delicate choice. The seat cover respects and enhances the design of the ceramic toilet, but it is also designed to enhance the aspect of the entire bathroom. This type of sanitary ware is incredibly versatile and easily adapts to any type of environment, from the most sophisticated and modern to the most traditional ones. The TriBeCa collection, inspired by the famous district of Manhattan, icon of style and taste, aims to give moments of elegance and practicality and the close-coupled toilet is the perfect expression of this style. 

    Product features

    The single close-coupled TriBeCa toilet (Item 5117) is a functional floor-standing toilet, with a one-piece cistern equipped with WB5N fastening. It measures 55 centimetres and weighs 31 kilograms, whereas the close-coupled cistern (item 3781) weighs 13 kilograms. It is a lightweight, practical and extremely comfortable item, equipped with a dual-flow exhaust mechanism with two different flushing solutions: low-level and high-level. The shape is square but with soft corners, to give a feeling of stability, and, at the same time, of lightness and elegance.

    Not just a toilet, but a choice of life.

    The floor-standing sanitary fixture is a traditional, classic and everlasting choice. The tradition of a close-coupled toilet meets innovation and perfectly combines in a single product. Surely, it is an excellent solution. The Kerasan close-coupled toilet gives a feeling of comfort, cleanliness and hygiene. A bathroom is an extremely intimate and personal environment: having a toilet that suits your needs positively affects your everyday life.