A wide range of classic and modern-style floor-mounted bathroom fixtures to furnish your bathroom Floor-mounted sanitary ware belongs to a category of bathroom fittings with ageless charm; timeless because they can survive any fashion and the passage of time. Floor-mounted sanitary wares have never disappeared; on the contrary, they continue being requested by today's clientele.

Kerasan has been able to identify customers’ needs, specifically when they do not want to do without floor-mounted sanitary ware. In this regard, Kerasan offers a wide range of sanitary fixtures that have been designed with a perfect mix of 100% Italian design, functionality, research, development and current tastes.

Floor-mounted sanitary ware is installed on the floor, and for this reason gives a sense of greater stability and does not require so much maintenance. Floor-mounted sanitary ware is easy to assemble, and therefore installation is faster and above all cheaper.
Floor-mounted sanitary ware by Kerasan is designed to be placed back-to-wall: this is the key factor that distinguishes the new floor-mounted sanitary ware from the "old-fashioned" ones. The back-to-wall positioning allows you to save space which is necessary especially in smaller bathrooms. The fittings and the drain pipes are hidden resulting in a neat-looking bathroom.
Kerasan offers a wide range of models with very different styles, ranging from classic vintage style sanitary ware to the most modern and compact ones. Among the first, the most classic toilet is that with high level cistern: in this case the toilet is floor-mounted and flush to the wall, while the cistern is placed above the toilet bowl, and is connected to the toilet by an external visible pipe.

Among the most modern sanitary ware is the toilet without a rim, and the bidet with a back-ceramic panel. Kerasan has done quite a lot of research and development of toilets without a rim. This is a toilet in which the internal edge, the rim with small holes where the water flows for flushing, has been eliminated. Consequently, in this type of toilet, flushing takes place in a completely different way compared to traditional sanitary ware and allows both total cleaning of the bowl and considerable water conservation.

The bidet with a ceramic back panel, due to its original shape, can be used as storage in small bathrooms, because of its space-saving function. As regards floor-mounted sanitary ware, Kerasan also provides the WB5N fastening kit which has the following advantages:

● it prevents rubbing between the screw and the ceramic, avoiding damage to the bathroom fixture during installation;
● it is suitable for different types of ceramics
● it is suitable for different shapes of sanitary ware

A further innovation proposed by Kerasan is the drainage system. The drainage of the newest floor-mounted sanitary ware can be S or P trap, that is, floor outlet or wall outlet, quite different from the conventional toilets and connected to the waste pipe according to specific needs. This is a feature that is very useful in case of renovation of the bathroom because you can use the existing waste outlet, saving money during masonry work.

The dimensions of the floor-mounted toilets and bidets adapt to any space. If you have a small bathroom you can opt for small size bathroom fittings that are 36 cm wide and 46 cm deep. On the contrary, if you have a large bathroom, Kerasan offers you other solutions of much larger bathroom fixtures which are 37 cm wide and 56 cm deep.