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Bidet 48 cm

    The bidet that combines design and comfort

    In most of Europe, a bidet is not considered essential sanitary ware. In Italian culture, instead, it is a fundamental element of the bathroom and is closely related to our personal hygiene and intimate cleansing. It is essential not only that it be highly efficient, but also solid and robust. It has an impressive design so much so that it contributes to creating a bathroom which we could see on a magazine cover.
    The 48 cm Flo bidet meets every bathroom requirement, without affecting functionality at the expense of aesthetics or vice versa.
    It is basically a bidet with classic lines, a bathroom fixture that, while remaining faithful to tradition, reinterprets in a young and dynamic way what will certainly be an everlasting bathroom fixture.

    A ceramic bidet designed to be long-lasting

    This is one of the classic models of sanitary ware installed directly on the floor, next to or to the side of the toilet, to complete the whole set. The 48 cm bidet of the Flo collection is made of fine vitreous china coated with a shiny, white glaze, like all products manufactured by Kerasan. This material guarantees strength, durability and reliability.
    The decision to produce sanitary ware mostly in white is justified by the fact that this colour perfectly matches all bathroom furniture and accessories. A white bidet can be placed in any context and can suit any interior design.

    A versatile bidet suitable for the most varied style bathrooms

    Although it is characterized by classic lines and rounded edges, this does not mean that this bidet is intended exclusively for retro-style environments, rather the contrary. The kicker of the 48 cm Flo bidet is its versatility, to be understood as being impressively worthy in comparison to the other pieces of bathroom furniture. This means, therefore, that it will look good both with a washbasin on a wooden cabinet with hinged doors or with a washbasin on a pedestal in a simpler style. Therefore, it is a very versatile bidet that improves the look of the bathroom where a relaxing atmosphere prevails in favour of daily users and guests. This look which is created, is not less than the one created, for example, in the living area. As usual, we are talking about reliable, high-quality material that is a guarantee of the quality of the Kerasan company.