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Classical sanitary ware



For those who love vintage, we present two extraordinary collections, Retro and Waldorf. Kerasan classic sanitary ware has been designed to respond to customers who love classic style in all its forms, but do not want to do without the technological innovation of our times.

The classic bathroom fixtures by Kerasan allow you to make a real journey into the past: the raw material, design and finishes of the sanitary ware and accessories recall, in fact, the style of the nineteenth-century and offer the possibility to recreate the same warm and welcoming environments typical of that time in your own bathroom. On the other hand, innovation, in terms of models and hydraulic engineering, is the element that will bring you back into the present.

Kerasan sanitary ware: the classic touch which you expect

The classic toilets and bidets have been created inspired by a retro style resembling the Victorian and neo-Gothic American styles. They are made of vitreous china, the raw material that Kerasan has preferred for its productions since the 60s.

This classic sanitary ware has a typical column structure and rounded lines, ranging from an oval to a rectangular shape but with rounded corners. Even the edges of the bathroom fixtures are the purest expression of this style: they are voluminous and shaped to stand out from the basin.

The toilets have a thick seat cover and can be coupled with the toilet cisterns with a side lever in pure retro style. The bidets are single-hole, with the overflow drain that can be simple or more elaborate, for example with the application of a plate with a contrast finish and with a drain cover in a contrasting finish too. To have a bathroom with an even more marked retro style, the bidets may be combined with double-handle faucets, with chrome or gold finish, according to your personal taste.

For classic bathroom fixtures, Kerasan offers a wide range of models with different types of installations: both floor-standing and wall-hung. If you are interested in the floor-standing version, you can choose between traditional sanitary ware, mono-bloc sanitary ware, single or back to wall sanitary ware. The toilets are available either with a high or low-level cistern.

The traditional English sanitary fixtures are installed on the floor, at a certain distance from the wall, and have clearly visible toilet fittings.

The back to wall sanitary ware represent an evolution of traditional sanitary ware since they are installed on the floor while being wall-mounted. They are very useful in case of renovations because their structure enables you to hide the existing drain systems and avoids complicated and expensive labour.

Thanks to the toilets with concealed, low-level or high-level cisterns, you will, once again, dive into the past. The toilet is floor-standing at a certain distance from the wall, while the toilet cistern is external and close to the wall and is connected to the toilet with a visible pipe. Kerasan offers toilet cisterns that can be sold with or without the side lever mechanism.

The mono bloc toilets are a valid compromise between the high and low-level versions. They have a structure in which the toilet and the toilet cistern are a single piece: in the lower part, the toilet; in the upper part, the toilet cistern. The toilet is installed on the floor, while the toilet cistern is wall-mounted.

Further variants of classic sanitary ware are: one-piece prolonged toilets and single prolonged high-level cistern toilets that can be sold with or without the side lever.

The wall-hung sanitary fixtures are installed directly on the wall at a height of about 40-42 cm from the floor: a distance that allows optimal use. The wall-hung bathroom fixtures have a concealed toilet cistern: the drain pipes and the cistern are not visible from the outside but hidden inside the wall.

From an engineering point of view, Kerasan offers you the best solutions available at the moment: classic sanitary ware with a concealed toilet cistern, sanitary ware with a floor outlet or the F/W exhaust system, that is with a floor or wall-mounted exhaust system adaptable according to your needs.

The dimensions of classic toilets and bidets can be adapted to any bathroom, so you can find the right sanitary ware for any size bathroom. The smallest bathroom fixtures are the wall-hung ones that start from a width of 37 cm to a depth of 55 cm, or from a width of 38 cm to a depth of 52 cm.

The largest sanitary ware are the mono-bloc toilets. They are 37 cm wide and 68 cm deep, but there are also larger ones with a width of 38.5 cm and a depth of 72 cm. Furthermore, for bathroom fixtures with a combined toilet cistern, it could be useful to evaluate dimensions. Toilet cisterns start from a width of 40 cm to a height of 36 cm with a depth of 14 cm. The largest ones are 45.5 cm wide with a height of 37.5 cm and a depth of 18.5 cm.

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