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Wc pan with high level cistern

    Toilet with high-level cistern

    Reflecting a decidedly vintage taste, the toilet pan with a high-level cistern from the Retro collection is the result of classic design, convenience, top quality of material and modernity.

    The high-level cistern

    Observing this type of toilet, the first thing which really stands out is the high-level cistern designed with the same shape that distinguishes the other sanitary ware of retro collection. Made specifically for containing flushing water, this cistern recalls, in its simplicity, the harmonious and mildly rounded lines of the toilet and eventually of the matching bidet. But there is another detail that deserves our attention: it is the connecting pipe that carries water from the cistern to the WC bowl which is visible, and chrome plated. Available in gold or in bronze, it is an original bathroom solution that perfectly combines vintage and classic styles with modernity. A long chain that drops vertically from one side of the cistern, is an old-fashioned but essential detail that completes this traditional high-level toilet.

    A high-level toilet

    The toilet of this beautiful collection, with simple but attractive lines, is well refined and comfortable.
    Strictly Made in Italy, it is manufactured using high-grade vitreous china ensuring a quality finish and long-lasting durability.
    This toilet can be “P” trap, in other words with a wall outlet (horizontal) or “S” trap, that is, with a floor outlet (vertical). It is possible to buy the bidet of the same collection separately, and a toilet seat, maybe a wooden soft closing toilet seat, to bring a touch of elegance and originality into the bathroom.