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Close coupled wc pan with close coupled cistern

    The elegant classicism of a close-coupled toilet with a cistern

    Although modern style is popular nowadays, the classical style continues to win over the general public because, despite modern changes, it has a timeless allure, or because furniture and interior design items in this style will never go out of fashion: the classic style is unrivalled. That’s why an increasing number of people choose a classic style to furnish their bathroom, if only to evoke the magic of a time that no longer exists and the warm, soothing atmosphere that pervades in old dwellings. If you intend to give your bathroom, (master, half bathroom or whatever), the unmistakable classic touch we are talking about, there is nothing better than the Waldorf collection close coupled toilet pan with cistern. This small collection recalls a retro style and it is the maximum for people who are nostalgic for the atmosphere of the last century and want to recreate it in their home.

    A sanitary fixture that recalls distant atmospheres

    The design of this close-coupled WC pan is linear, rather schematic and consistent with the trends typical of a classic style.
    It is floor-mounted and not suspended like those more fashionable today. It is equipped with a cistern that leans against the wall and becomes one piece with the toilet below.
    This wonderful and classic style fixture is made of white porcelain and it could not be otherwise, since it is the top-quality material used in the past but still commonly employed today. Its refined elegance is surprising thanks to slightly rounded corners and a solid grandeur which are unusual in more fashionable bathroom fixtures of today.
    Choosing the close-coupled toilet pan with cistern from the Waldorf collection means being nonconformist. It’s not only a choice of style but also a choice coming from the heart, from melancholy, from the desire to recall past atmospheres and to pay tribute to a style whose elegance will remain forever engraved in the world of fashion and home furnishings.