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Close coupled bidet RETRO

    In a traditional style bathroom which recalls old-fashioned trends, the suspended bidet from the Retro collection, designed by the architects Anzellini and Cicconi, is a must.

    Why choose suspended sanitary ware?

    Choosing the right sanitary ware is always an important step when planning a bathroom. You must consider many crucial and deciding factors including the style to employ, so that the result will be positively successfully. The wall-hung sanitary ware is the perfect solution, it fits into all spaces, from the largest to the smallest bathroom, and the sanitary ware in this collection can appeal to both modern and vintage tastes. In addition, wall-hung sanitary ware is perfect to enhance a bathroom with the special feature of being mounted at an adequate height from the floor. They are equally impressive because daily cleaning and sanitation will be easier, so much so that, inaccessible areas of a bathroom, typical with floor-mounted sanitary ware, can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

    The Retro suspended bidet

    Going back to the suspended bidet of the Retro collection, this bathroom fixture stands out for its soft and rounded shapes.
    Made of long-lasting white ceramic, this bidet has a single hole for the mixer tap and, thanks to its size, it is perfectly suitable in any bathroom. The style is definitely aimed at the past, but the quality of this bidet, Made in Italy, guarantees a unique and timeless product.