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Btw wc pan 56 cm

    The Flo collection 56 cm toilet bowl, designed by Simone Anzellini, is a very well-designed, elegant and comfortable toilet, a good result of technique and aesthetics. Flo plays with the five senses: this 56 cm toilet bowl catches the eye and conquers the senses. It furnishes the bathroom with elegance and makes the room more comfortable and more pleasant. Curved lines enhance the smooth shape of the 56 cm Flo toilet, transforming it into a solid bathroom fixture thanks to the use of high-quality white ceramic Made in Italy, purposely chosen to produce a practical and refined collection.

    The 56 cm toilet: a fixture designed to ensure maximum comfort

    The Flo 56 cm toilet is part of an entire collection of sanitary wares, and furnishes any bathroom with style, fitting perfectly into large spaces. The 56 cm Flo toilet is an extraordinary toilet designed to ensure maximum comfort. In the floor-mounted version, this toilet guarantees perfect functionality, and, thanks to its soft curves, it fits properly into the bathroom, enhancing the entire environment.

    The Flo 56 cm toilet: style and attention to detail

    The 56 cm Flo toilet is a stylish bathroom fixture offered to all those who want to choose, at a fair price, beauty and functionality together with meticulous attention to detail, without disregarding any aspect. In order to improve the room dedicated to our personal hygiene, it is necessary to opt for sanitary ware that conveys a feeling of well-being like the 56 cm Flo toilet. The purity of the materials used for producing the whole collection and their brightness, as well as the ergonomics and usability that characterize every Flo bathroom fixture, are the elements that make this environment where we take care of our bodies, a practical, comfortable and pleasant room. The 56 cm Flo toilet bowl recalls the delicacy of the petals of a flower, since the name Flo comes from the contraction of the English word Flower which is the seed-bearing part of a plant.