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Btw wc pan NORIM

    Diversity is a treasure; distinction a privilege

    The Norim floor-standing toilet from the Kerasan TriBeCa collection is clear proof that Italy has never stopped experimenting, dreaming and engaging itself with style and quality. Designed in New York, it reverberates the essence of a city where design and classicism come together, establishing itself as the forefather of a trendy, new collection which does not neglect practicality and hygiene.

    Style is the art of knowing how to transmit one's own character without having to speak

    Visually, the floor-standing toilet follows light and elegant lines and the soft finish helps to create a harmonious and exclusive environment, caressing modern style without exaggerating and maintaining a delicate, composed profile. Just as cold white light transmits cleanliness and hygiene, a style where curves and continuity are protagonists communicates prestige and quality. Thanks to the TriBeCa collection, the bathroom is no longer a causal crossroads, but a vital area of refinement and aesthetic distinction.

    Quality is continuing to do things right even when no one around you is looking

    The quality of Norim floor-standing toilets is not obtained only by working with the most advanced ceramic production systems. Passion and experience, dedication and imagination are needed, and these factors have allowed Kerasan to offer the best for over 50 years. The raw materials used to produce the toilet are carefully selected to comply with certain regulations of purity and are worked with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a treatment of extreme precision so as to comply with the strictest quality certifications ISO 9001: 2008, and as a result are suitable for the European EN 997 and Australian AS1172 standards.

    Doing without comfort can be a challenge

    The strength of the Norim toilet from the TriBeCa collection resides in the winning combination of style, quality and practicality. The success of a product is achieved only by reaching its main objective: utility. The position on the floor allows an almost unlimited freedom of installation, thanks to the compact shape and uniformity of the surfaces, while the WB5N fixing system ensures maximum hygiene as a result of the elimination of the use of adhesive substances. The seat, moreover, is designed to ensure maximum comfort. Norim technology has made it possible to create a toilet without a rim, allowing water to reach every area of the surface dynamically and uniformly. Every millimetre is significant, and encumbrance is not contemplated for a product that can no longer be ignored but instead, becomes an important piece of furnishing.