One who is busy following the crowd will never go further than the crowd The TriBeCa collection floor-mounted bidet symbolizes the Italian ability of knowing how to stand out in terms of quality and style by applying its experience in transforming often ignored elements into unique, unrepeatable items. Designed in New York, this bidet reverberates the essence of a city where design and classicism come together, establishing itself as the forefather of a new trendy collection which doesn't neglect practicality and hygiene.

    Style is superior to truth, it is a demonstration of our existence

    Visually, the floor-mounted bidet follows light, elegant lines and the soft finish helps create a harmonious and exclusive environment, caressing modern taste without exaggerating and maintaining a poised and delicate profile. The symmetry and the balance of the shape distinguish a product that emanates quality and class, accentuating the perfection of the workmanship in the form and in the curves. Thanks to the products of the TriBeCa collection, the bathroom is no longer a crossing place during the day, but an area of refinement and aesthetic distinction without equal.

    Working with quality offers possibilities that nobody would expect

    The quality and refinement of the floor-standing bidet is obtained not only by working with the most advanced ceramic production systems. Passion and experience, dedication and imagination are needed, and these factors have allowed Kerasan to offer the best for over 50 years. The raw materials with which the toilet is produced are carefully selected to comply with standards of purity and are worked with cutting-edge technology, ensuring an extremely precise treatment so as to comply with the strict quality certification ISO 9001: 2008, therefore resulting suitable for the European standards EN 14528.

    A man loves everything that enhances his convenience

    The strength of the TriBeCa collection consists in the winning combination of style, quality and practicality. The success of a product is achieved only by reaching its main objective: utility. The positioning on the floor allows an almost unlimited freedom of installation, thanks to the compact shapes and uniformity of the surfaces, while the WB5N fixing system ensures maximum hygiene thanks to the elimination of the use of adhesive substances. The seat, moreover, is designed to ensure maximum comfort, while the sinuous continuous forms of the tub allow the water to reach every area of the surface dynamically and uniformly, without enabling the water to overflow, regardless of where the water faucet is positioned. Every millimetre is significant, and encumbrance is not contemplated for a product that can no longer be ignored but instead becomes an active part of the bathroom furnishing.