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Btw wc pan 48 cm

    The Flo collection 48 cm toilet stands out for its elegance, characterized by sensual and rounded lines that enhance the design of a bathroom meant to convey relaxation.  Born from the creativity of the designer Simone Anzellini, the 48 cm single toilet enhances all of the furniture in the bathroom with a truly inimitable style. It gives life to an exclusive space where, along with the design, the purity of an exceptional material emerges: ceramic. Made entirely in Italy, this versatile and functional toilet fits perfectly in any context satisfying the most diverse furnishing needs. 

    48 cm Flo toilet: collection that evokes the aesthetic of stems and petals

    Like all the beautiful bathroom fixtures in the Flo collection (contraction of 'flower'), the single 48 cm toilet embodies the soft shape that distinguishes flower stems and petals. Simple and essential, with its oval shape, this toilet fits in perfectly both with classic furnishings and modern furnishings, completing them perfectly.

    48 cm toilet: comfort is right at home

    The soft shape of the 48 cm single toilet is the result of a design which pays attention to beauty as well as comfort and functionality. The small size of this sanitary fixture ensures perfect space optimization in small-size rooms.

    48 cm toilet: the perfect sanitary fixture for small, minimal bathrooms

    The 48 cm single toilet is the perfect sanitary fixture to enhance a small bathroom furnished in a minimal style. Style which gives space to the room and creates an airy, comfortable and relaxing environment, combining it with the aesthetic of an impeccable design which characterizes this sanitary fixture, part of the Flo collection.

    48 cm toilet: a timeless sanitary fixture

    The 48 cm single toilet is not only an aesthetically appealing option, but also a timeless choice which will always go beyond time and fashion, following changes in bathroom furnishing trends. Thanks to the careful study of form and function, this unique toilet with an essential and soft profile, is the perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity.