BTW wc pan

    BTW wc pan fixing screws WB5N included

    The Aquatech toilet, a Kerasan novelty

    Thanks to the creative inspiration of Massimiliano Cicconi, the Kerasan Aquatech collection presents this unique toilet, the perfect sanitary fixture for all bathrooms, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Characterized by soft and sinuous lines, the Aquatech toilet was designed to furnish your bathroom, usually considered a purely functional room, with taste and style. With this sanitary item you can give a touch of elegance and refinement to your bathroom, while focusing on the quality of the product, on the resistance of the materials, the uniqueness of the design and on the most advanced technologies.

    The comfort of the Aquatech toilet

    The Aquatech toilet is a quality product, made of glossy white ceramic which is extremely shock resistant. Characterized by the impeccability of Italian production, it is perfect for domestic and family use. Its dimensions are close to standard, while preserving a certain characteristic of uniqueness that, as the name suggests, makes this toilet one of a kind. With a width of 36.5 cm and a depth of 55 cm, this toilet by Kerasan offers absolute comfort for adults and children who do not want to do without this comfort, even when they are in the bathroom. It is the ideal product for men and women, for families with or without children, for singles and for young adults. It is beautiful, versatile, modern, durable and able to minimize the consumption of water and money. The practical and functional aspect is combined with an elegant and sophisticated design, perfect for those who want to furnish their bathroom stylishly without sacrificing beauty or modern, environmental-friendly technologies.

    This is how the Aquatech toilet is made.

    The Aquatech toilet by Kerasan is sold complete with the WB5N wall-fixture, which allows the bathroom suite to be aligned extremely precisely to the wall and on the floor. Like all the products of the Aquatech collection, it is equipped with a water-saving flushing system, a feature guaranteed by a partial flush of only 3 litres, compared to the standard 9 litres, and a total flush of 4.5 litres, compared to 11 litres consumed on average. The ceramic used for its construction is strong, glossy and a very bright white. It cleverly hides the most advanced technologies and fastening systems, without affecting the sinuous shapes that characterize and make the product truly unique.