BENTLEY Design Marc Sadler

Essential simplicity and chromatic contrast of materials used creates the ideal balance for a bathroom collection in which elegance is the distinctive feature. Marc Sadler’s professional knowledge in planning presents a new concept of sanitary ware, which is a tool for furnishing as well. In the unique dark ash shade, the cold brightness of ceramic contrasts with the warmth of wood and creates supremely beautiful functional elements for those who do not want to do without taste and style. With the Bentley collection, Kerasan breaks new ground. The bathroom becomes a place where design acquires full citizenship and style finds unprecedented expression. Bentley sanitary ware are in full harmony with today's and tomorrow's forward-looking trends.


Producing the Bentley collection, designed by Marc Sadler, we have been inspired by the elegance of a simple and moderate luxury aimed at obtaining a truly unique and original style bathroom. Kerasan has successfully combined ceramic ware with the finest ash wood wisely cut into frames and valuable panels to add a stylish accent to the collection.

The touch of the designer Marc Sadler signs this collection named after a famous luxury car. The collection is characterised by a flamboyant style which will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Kerasan is proud to show a collection that is inspired by the most refined neoclassical style, an imposing, but at the same time, moderate elegance, which will certainly avoid bad taste and kitschy style.

But let's discover all the vast assortment of washbasins, vanity units, cabinets with drawers, sanitary ware, consoles and mirrors included in the Bentley collection, plus a splendid bathtub that will dominate the bathroom of a real queen.

Luxurious sinks in a sophisticated design

The Bentley collection includes washbasins of a very simple design with long and extremely classic lines.

The combination of a simple design together with the whiteness of the ceramic ware and the use of ash wood for the legs or for the panel behind the basin is a winning bathroom solution. Achieving the perfect balance of ceramic ware and wood, Kerasan has produced a precious washbasin in a harmonious and elegant style.

Kerasan has selected the best raw materials, including high-quality glaze, a thin glass-like water-resistant coating that protects the ceramic ware from scratches and staining and gives an anti-microbial finish which restricts or prevents the growth and breeding of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

The wood used by Kerasan comes from the best Italian suppliers and is worked by the skilled hands of artisan carpenters: this natural material is treated and processed to become water-resistant, thus ensuring high standards of hygiene.

For the customer who loves to amaze his guests and has a large footage available, Kerasan suggests their washbasin with a rear wooden panel embellished with shelves to store towels, perfume, and cosmetics as well as other products for body care.

For those who know how to measure classicism and modernity, Kerasan has designed the suspended washbasins of the Bentley collection for a drop-in installation in a wooden pre-cut vanity unit to be fixed to the wall.

Other accessories of sophisticated design

The icing on the cake is a series of accessories including a wide range of mirrors with ash wood frame that can decorate even the most refined and elegant bathroom.