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Close coupled wc pan

    Close coupled wc pan fixing screws WB5N included

    Close-coupled toilet combined with the cistern

    Massimiliano Cicconi signs the Aquatech sanitary ware collection, characterized by soft and sinuous lines which hides cutting-edge systems and modern materials. The profile resembles the flow of water. The Aquatech close-coupled toilet is one of the biggest successes of the collection: it is a product in which the austerity and the severity of broken lines and the solid strong profile perfectly match the delicacy of a sinuous and round, yet sober and contemporary design. The toilet, made of very bright white ceramic, with its soft shape, seems to lovingly embrace the cistern, which lies on the toilet with an innate elegance and a distinct refinement.

    Aquatech close-coupled toilet: a toilet for all styles

    The union of the two elements, denoted by styles that apparently seem opposite, gives life to a product that perfectly matches any style you want in your bathroom. Far from being a pure functional environment, thanks to the installation of the Aquatech close-coupled toilet, the bathroom will become the centre of well-being in your home. The comfort and modernity, enclosed in a classic, yet contemporary design, will give a touch of exclusivity to your bathroom. The cistern, deliberately left exposed, combines practicality and elegance, the water pipes are external, and the result is very austere. Ideal for those who live alone, but also for those who have a family and want a comfortable bathroom, the Kerasan close-coupled toilet is the perfect product to meet all needs, even the most demanding.

    How is the Aquatech close-coupled toilet made? Technical characteristics

    Like all the products belonging to the Aquatech collection, the close-coupled toilet has been designed keeping in mind water conservation without sacrificing beauty and aesthetic elegance. Its flushing system has been designed to ensure that no water is wasted. With a capacity of 3 litres for the partial flush and of 4.5 litres for the total flush, the Aquatech close-coupled toilet beats competitors by cutting in half the values of 9 and 11 litre capacity found in older toilets. Its dimensions are comfortable and functional: it has a width of 36.5 cm, a depth of 65 cm and a total height of 87 cm, of which 45 are occupied by the monobloc cistern. The toilet is made of glossy white ceramic which, with a total weight of 40 kg (27 kg the single block and 13 kg the cistern), includes design, strength, elegance and brightness. The product is sold complete with WB5N attachment fittings, so as to guarantee an impeccable and extremely precise installation. It distinguishes itself among the competitors on the market thanks to the unparalleled quality of a product which is entirely Made-in-Italy.