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Wall hung urinal

    Suspended urinal: when practicality is the slogan

    When it is necessary to furnish narrow and small spaces, practicality must be our guiding spirit, the underlying theme to examine. And you know, one of the most difficult spaces to furnish is the bathroom. Kerasan, however, has the solution: the suspended urinals. Characterized by compact dimensions which are by no means cumbersome, the Kerasan suspended urinals suit any type of environment well, from the most fashionable and sophisticated bathroom to the most classic and traditional one. Made of fine fire clay, the Kerasan suspended urinal boasts thin and clean lines and a minimalist and essential design, quite perfect for small bathrooms. Designed and conceived to combine the best of “Made in Italy” with the most innovative modern furnishing solutions, the Kerasan suspended urinal guarantees high quality and excellent performance that cannot be affected by use over time. If the pure white ceramic is the hallmark of this sanitary ware collection, the functionality of the urinals combined with the perfection of design, make these bathroom fixtures really lovable.

    The strength of the Aquatech collection

    Kerasan sanitary ware have several advantages. In addition to the simple but impressive design and superior quality raw materials, Kerasan suspended urinals were designed and manufactured using the new Aquatech technology. Designed by Massimiliano Cicconi, this collection which also includes suspended urinals, is the perfect union between clean and flowing water lines and the technology behind every single production. The perfectly rounded and minimalist shapes, far from creating a cold and aseptic environment, give the bathroom a warm and relaxed atmosphere, completely attune with the times. The striking image of the suspended urinal, its dimensions and the visual impact of a slight forward curve immediately capture the attention, making this series one of the most original and surprising of the entire Kerasan range.

    The importance of Made in Italy

    There is no doubt that the imprint and the distinctive feature of Made in Italy are known worldwide. But what makes Kerasan sanitary ware unique and inimitable is the technology at the base of their production. Supplied with a drainpipe and fixing screws, the Kerasan suspended urinal takes up little space and, being placed above the floor surface, it allows deep cleaning in every corner of the room, without unnecessary effort. The best outcome ever of the Aquatech suspended urinal by Kerasan is the innovative drainage. Thanks to the extended downward shape, almost reflecting the floor on which it is placed, the water flows into the entire urinal, cleaning it thoroughly and sanitizing it completely, without leaving any trace of germs and bacteria. Thanks to the leading-edge technology, the Aquatech suspended urinal also allows you to save water at every flush, to avoid the waste of water and to contribute to the protection of the environment.