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Washbasins ciotola C3

    The circular shape of this design washbasin

    As one could easily guess from the Italian name we have given to this sink, it has a rather unusual shape: in fact, it’s a bowl! In other words, it is circular and concave so that it can contain a large quantity of water. The fact that it has no edges is a further added value: no edges means, and the proof is in the pudding, that cleaning and maintenance operations will be simplified, and that it will hardly become stained by lime scale or other kinds of encrustation.

    A top quality sink

    This beautiful C3 handbasin, which can be purchased in different variations so that the needs of customers are always fully satisfied, is made of white ceramic. The wise decision on using this material is not a coincidence because it is clearly aimed at offering a high-quality product that is earmarked for being long lasting without running the risk that the surface loses its natural brilliance. In short, a sink that makes you fall in love thanks to its unusual and extremely captivating shape.

    Where to place the C3 Ciotola washbasin?

    The fact that this sink is free-standing and that it can be positioned wherever you prefer, works in our favour. The ideal position would be on a designer worktop, but nothing prevents placing it on a bathroom cabinet that has hinged doors and enough room inside to store toiletries and towels. Certainly, regardless of where it is positioned and thanks to its essential nature, the C3 Ciotola washbasin is aimed at becoming, in a short time, the most characteristic element of the whole bathroom.