Aquatech free-standing bathtub: elegance and refinement

    The sanitary ware collection Aquatech is characterized by soft and refined shapes, able to make the bathroom not only a place to relax, but also and above all an elegant and pleasant room. Among the different elements in the collection, the bathtub, which is ergonomic, practical and aesthetically perfect, stands out. Designed by Massimiliano Cicconi, this bathtub has a maximum size of 170x80 cm, with a maximum height of 56 cm. The particularity of this model is given by the flared shapes, the different dimensions between the front and the back side and, above all, the choice of material. The Aquatech collection bathtub is made of pietraluce, a particular element that comes from the combination of different synthetic resins, characterized by high strength and brightness. Furthermore, the main features of pietraluce are its high impermeability and its antibacterial and anti-limescale properties, which make it a perfect choice for a bathtub. Pietraluce is easy to process, and this has allowed Massimiliano Cicconi to create this bathtub with an elegant and soft line, able to ensure maximum comfort while relaxing.

    Elegance and contrast

    The beauty of the Aquatech collection free-standing bathtub is certainly given by its elegance, the asymmetric line and the material. There is, however, another element that makes this particular sanitary ware one of a kind. In fact, this bathtub is characterized by the presence of a wooden shelf that adds an interesting aesthetic value to the tub and, at the same time, offers a practical support for different beauty and personal hygiene products. The wooden shelf is made of natural teak, highly resistant to water. It is a well-structured support, weighing three kilos, which is inserted into the narrowest side of the tub. The Aquatech collection mid-room bathtub is free-standing: for this reason, as already underlined, it is made of pietraluce. In this way, the designer Massimiliano Cicconi guarantees comprehensive elegance and beauty, allowing to emphasize the shine of this resin. Moreover, playing with the contrasts between the different elements that characterize this tub, he associates pietraluce with teak wood. An association that makes the tub perfect to be inserted in any location, be it a classic bathroom or a modern or ethnic one.

    Simple and safe installation

    To ensure maximum safety in the installation of this bathtub with its elegant profile and soft lines, Kerasan has produced a detailed and clear technical sheet. The sheet contains all the technical characteristics of the tub, from weight to dimensions, and the correct installation methods and for greater precision, things to avoid in order to have the certainty of a professional and safe installation are also pointed out. Installing the Aquatech free-standing bathtub is not a complex operation, but it is necessary to use specific tools for which it may be convenient to contact a qualified technician to avoid damaging the floor or the tub itself. Aquatech Wall-hung bidet, Italian excellence in the production of sanitary ware in vitreous-china.

    Exclusive design and high-quality materials characterize the Aquatech wall-hung bidet: this bidet is part of the successful collection ''Aquatech'' designed by Massimiliano Cicconi, designer of international importance and a great connoisseur of the secrets of ceramic. The Aquatech wall-hung bidet, together with the other products of the same collection, transform the aesthetics of the bathroom and the concept of space. The innovative forms, original and dynamic lines characterize a product that expresses all the quality of the best ''Made in Italy''. Aquatech wall-hung bidet: design and functionality 36.5 cm wide, 55 cm deep and 30 cm high, this bidet has rather small dimensions that create the best living conditions in the bathroom area.

    The design is very appealing: the generous roundness of the body corresponds to the straight and sharp lines of the upper edges. The profile has a lower section where the bidet is inserted into the wall: the lines show, therefore, an inclination opposite to what we are used to seeing, with a truly original aesthetic effect. The Acquatech collection is suitable for both classic and elegant environments as well as more modern ones. The choice of accessories, among the numerous Kerasan proposals, will complete the furnishing of your bathroom, accenting your favourite style.