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freestanding washbasin 60

    Freestanding washbasin 60 cm fixing screws, siphon and flexible waste pipe included

    The sinuosity of water and the functionality of the most cutting-edge technology: the Aquatech 60 free-standing washbasin unites and encompasses a perfect equilibrium between all the features needed to give a sink top comfort and to enhance its value and aesthetic beauty. Designed for Kerasan by Massimiliano Cicconi, the washbasin presented here is part of the Aquatech sanitary ware collection. It is distinguished by the particularity of its design: an oval shape with rounded edges. It is a basin inspired by tradition yet reinterpreted in a modern key, to be inserted successfully in an environment with a contemporary style. This basin is essential and balanced despite its considerable volume. The 60 free-standing washbasin and its pedestal join together seamlessly into a single element.

    At a glance, we have an immediate sense of harmony and order in the surrounding environment. The characteristic of being free-standing determines the great versatility of this sink. Equipped with siphon and floor-drain pipe, it can be installed anywhere in the room, it does not require wall-mounting and it contributes to enrich and refine bathroom furnishings in rooms with a medium or large size. The versatility, which allows you to choose the place of installation, is certainly a strategic strength of this sink and is also the main feature that makes it suitable for both domestic bathroom furnishing and for public bathrooms.

    Quite spectacular, with a sober but decidedly exclusive and refined image, the Aquatech free-standing washbasin is a perfect solution for those who want to introduce an elegant and refined element which is perfectly in line with the most established contemporary furnishing trends. The clean shape, the absence of a drain hole on the top of the sink and the originality of the column, which opens up to become a basin, are also enhanced by the peculiarity of the basin: a perfect and welcoming oval, bordered by an important edge and characterized by a balanced depth. This basin is particularly comfortable and pleasant to use. Made of high-quality ceramic, the sink amazes the eye and captures one's attention, distinguishing itself from every other sink without being excessive or having superfluous details.