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Glass shelf cm 60

    The 60 cm glass shelf is part of the Waldorf collection, designed by Massimiliano Cicconi. A piece of furniture with clean and elegant lines. Perfect placed in any bathroom, it automatically makes it very trendy.

    The bathroom shelf has two metal supports and is made of top-quality material, treated to resist corrosion over time, while maintaining its aesthetic value. The glass shelf positioned near the mirror, above the washbasin or in any free space of the bathroom, matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture, giving the room its radiant dynamism. It is an essential element to keep toiletries and other bathroom accessories at reach. It keeps the room tidy and at the same time customizes the style.

    Versatile and with a refined design, the Waldorf glass shelf is designed to decorate the room and make better use of space. One or two shelves placed in empty spaces of large bathrooms are an excellent solution for storing bathroom accessories or toiletries and they will contribute to the interior decoration and make the atmosphere more welcoming. Differently, one or more shelves installed on the wall near the washbasin can replace wall units or bathroom cabinets. They can make better use of space and particularly make the most of small spaces. If fact, the transparency of the glass helps to create an optical effect which makes the room appear larger.