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Tumbler holder


    The toothbrush holder that decorates your bathroom

    One of the accessories that is a must in the bathroom is a toothbrush holder. For this daily action, Kerasan proposes Waldorf 7410, a toothbrush holder from the Waldorf collection that rounds out the furnishing of your bathroom. Why is it important to choose this accessory? It is a bathroom accessory designed to be placed in any interior design and it is always the perfect solution for combining functionality and aesthetic refinement. Wall-mounted at one side of the washbasin, it will also help you to save space by keeping the counter top free. If you have a small bathroom, this toothbrush holder could be the right option to better use the space you have at available. Taking advantage of the wall, you will feel much freer to move around the washbasin area.

    A top-quality furnishing product

    All bathroom accessories should be strong and have a long-lasting quality in order to protect them from water, steam and daily use. The Waldorf 7410 toothbrush holder is designed, just like all Kerasan furnishing solutions, to last for a long time, keeping aesthetic and functional qualities unchanged thanks to the choice of high-quality materials. The Waldorf 7410 toothbrush holder is made of fine white ceramic and it has a brass support. It combines the above-mentioned qualities with a clean and linear design, easily adaptable to the context of any bathroom with the aim of giving it a touch of modernity. The metal support allows you to tilt it and adjust the angle, it facilitates its use and satisfies your daily personal needs eliminating obstacles that can impede your movement. A result of the best professional research and creativity in this field, this toothbrush holder, useful and sufficiently large, completes the Waldorf bathroom accessory collection.