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washbasin 80x45 with free standing unit

    One hole wall hung or counter top 80x45 whit Brass free standing unit chrome finish for washbasin

    The 80x45 cm washbasin with its metal stand is part of the Cento collection, a concept developed by the famous French designer Marc Sadler for Kerasan. It is a striking fixture which stands out for the interesting combination of materials and the perfect symmetry that enhance its simple but elegant design. Like the whole Cento collection, this washbasin aims to satisfy the needs of contemporary lifestyles and enables users to customise the bathroom décor in order to obtain a welcoming and functional area.

    The Cento washbasin for modern bathrooms

    Produced with attention to detail, the compact 80x45 cm washbasin perfectly fits into the interior decoration of private houses or any type of public facility. It provides bathrooms with a new and elegant style. The washbasin has quite a large bowl and comfortable side-spaces that enable users to have toiletries and personal care products within their reach. It has been manufactured with high-grade porcelain; its smooth and uneven surface helps the water to drain away faster and maintains the sheen of the glaze. The washbasin is mounted on a metal stand characterised by essential lines and a rod that works as towel holder

    A washbasin with an elegant and original design

    The Cento washbasin offers many possible furnishing solutions for customising the bathroom: it is the ideal fitting to create an industrial-style setting but also to make striking contrasts with wood-effect floors and wall tiles. Thanks to its versatility and functionality, it is a sanitary fixture intended to become the star attraction in the bathroom, especially if combined with an original mirror, toilet, bidet and accessories of the same collection. It can make any bathroom aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and welcoming.