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wall hung wc, Semi-pedestal

    The 140x45 cm washbasin with semi-pedestal: elegant bathroom style

    The Cento Collection 140x45 cm washbasin with its semi-pedestal, features a very simple, essential and modern design. It is produced with high-quality Italian raw materials which are particularly strong and durable, and which ensure that the ceramic ware remain unchanged over the years.

    The washbasin is extremely versatile and can be used in many combinations: with sanitary ware of the same collection or with other Kerasan products from different collections in order to customize the bathroom in a very personal style. Extremely elegant despite its simplicity, this set is a very functional bathroom solution which stands out for its original style designed by Marc Sadler.

    Refinement and convenience in bathroom decor

    Prepared for a wall-hung installation, the sink takes up very little floor space and therefore has no impact on the floor which remains free. Combined with sanitary ware of the same collection, it becomes the perfect match for any bathroom. The simple and clean design never goes out of fashion and adds allure to the whole environment.