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One hole wall-hung basin 60x45 for ceramic counters

    The washbasin area could be considered the business card of the bathroom, so home furnishings must be developed with attention to detail combining aesthetics and functionality. A good idea for arranging functional spaces is the use of a semi-recessed washbasin to be placed on a chest of drawers or alternatively on a wooden or stone worktop. This kind of washbasin could be a practical solution for replacing an old washbasin but also for renovating a new bathroom, thanks to its versatility and adaptability to both classic style environments and modern ones. The Cento line created by the French designer Marc Sandler for Kerasan, includes semi-recessed washbasins with simple and elegant geometries, which can be easily placed in any residential or professional context. The Cento collection includes the 60x45 cm washbasin characterised by a rectangular shape and distinct profile that can be completed with a ceramic worktop on which it sits. A new idea aimed at enhancing the bathroom and making it more comfortable and charming.

    Semi-recessed washbasin with worktop for a bathroom in step with the times

    The 60x45 cm semi-recessed washbasin with its worktop has an exclusive design which is in step with the times. They were produced to complement one other developing a sense of harmony in the environment. The glossy glazed surface of the finest ceramics is perfect for giving liveliness to the relaxation area as well as highlighting furnishings, tiling, and floors. The pleasant scenic effect will not go unnoticed. The washbasin, which has been designed to be installed on vanity units or alternatively on wooden or stone worktops, is the ideal solution for customising a bathroom in a very exclusive style, especially if combined with original pieces of furniture. The semi-recessed 60x45 cm washbasin with white ceramic worktop is in line with the current trends which favour pastel colours such as pink for walls and floors, but also those inspired by the colours of the earth and natural stones.

    An Italian made washbasin

    The Cento 60x45 cm semi-recessed washbasin with its ceramic worktop is a product which is made in Italy, manufactured by Kerasan in its factory situated in Civita Castellana by using high-quality raw materials processed with advanced techniques. It is a resistant product able to preserve its shininess and aesthetics over time. An easy-to clean, versatile bathroom fixture with a shape that never goes out of style. These features make the washbasin suitable for bathroom renovation but also for new settings where a compact and classy washbasin is required.