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washbasin 60x45, Semi-pedestal

    One hole wall hung or counter top 60x45, Semipedestal

    Generally, in terms of interior bath design, simple and elegant furnishing solutions are the ones that always create comfortable and contemporary style environments which are in tune with the times. In small and large bathrooms, the most relevant and distinctive elements are represented by the care taken in the design and in the detail of the various furnishings and the quality of the materials with which they are made. The design of the 60x45 cm semi-pedestal basin aims at improving the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom thanks, above all, to its linearity and geometry that make it so stylish and welcoming. It’s a trendy, high-quality and minimal style sanitary fixture, manufactured in Italy. Designed to be resistant and everlasting, it helps furnish bathrooms in a better and more innovative way. Pleasing to the eye and easy to install and to use, it is a fixture intended to give airiness to the room.

    A compact and minimal style bathroom set

    The 60x45 cm washbasin has a rectangular shape and compact dimensions that encourage the installation in various living and professional contexts, providing a sense of harmony and a touch of modernity to the whole environment. The peculiarity of the sink is exactly the half-sized stand that acts as a fitting cover for the bottle trap and flexible pipes. Made of glazed ceramic ware, the washbasin and the semi-pedestal have a glossy and smooth surface which is resistant to wear and easy to sanitize. Thus, it is a very practical and functional bathroom fixture that complies with contemporary housing requirements.

    The 60x45 cm washbasin for urban style bathrooms

    The semi-pedestal 60x45 cm washbasin is a good furnishing solution for urban style-inspired bathrooms and could be completed with a frameless mirror and a stylized dark finish tap. The white ceramic ware of the washbasin can create contrasts of colour if positioned in contexts with dark or matte coloured flooring and coating. The essential structure makes this washbasin suitable for full and half bathrooms; in both cases, it is a versatile fixture that can define the style of the room in an unconventional way especially if expertly combined with carefully selected accessories.