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washbasin 50x45 whit pedestal

    One hole wall hung or counter top 50x45 whit pedestal

    The full-pedestal basin

    The full-pedestal basin can be considered a classic style fixture that recalls old-fashioned bathrooms. This basin, however, has been revisited and updated according to the newest trends in interior design. Therefore, it is not ordinary and uncreative, in fact it is the best furnishing solution for those who want a trendy and original style bathroom. The new models of full-pedestal basins have technical details that make them striking interior design items ensuring extraordinary elegance and strong personality to the bathroom independently from the style.

    Features of the Cento washbasin

    This washbasin is 50 cm large and only 45 cm wide (front to back). Its compact dimensions make it an easy-to-place fixture, suitable for all-sized bathrooms. The tap hole is placed in the center of the tap area. The full-pedestal basin can be completed with a pop-up waste plug with ceramic cover and the Lux ¼ chrome plated bottle trap.

    The pedestal makes the washbasin very original

    The massive pedestal under the basin of the Cento collection is an extraordinary element. It is 28 cm wide, while the sides of the pedestal are 24 cm wide at the base and 24,5 cm at the top (front to back) and the pedestal is 77,5 cm high. This high-quality 2-piece bathroom basin is very nice. Positioned in a modern or even classic style bathroom, it is the best choice in terms of durability.