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washbasin 50x45, Semi-pedestal

    One hole wall hung or counter top 50x45, Semipedestal

    Generally, in small bathrooms it is necessary to adopt functional and space-saving furnishing solutions that combine style and comfort in order to have enough room to move around. In bathrooms where it is not possible to install a cabinet, the semi-pedestal basin is a valid option to define the distinctive traits of the environment in a modern style. It’s a designer-made basin with a refined contour able to give a sense of harmony to the entire bathroom that will become a welcoming and multi-use area.

    A compact semi-pedestal basin

    The 50x45 cm semi-pedestal basin is made of glazed porcelain and can be installed both in private houses and accommodation facilities thanks to its compact dimensions. It has a large washbowl that can be enhanced by a pop-up waste plug with ceramic cover. Produced with attention to detail, this basin provides the bathroom with high standards of customization and elegance.

    A functional and convenient washbasin

    The 50x45 cm semi-pedestal basin is an Italian made product obtained by using high-quality raw materials and implementing advanced and environmentally friendly techniques. Solid and resistant, it is a fixture that features a shiny, smooth, glazed surface which is particularly easy-to-clean.