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washbasin 70x45 towel rail

    washbasin 70x45 towel rail

    Contemporary bathrooms require extraordinarily refined furnishing solutions that ensure ease of use and convenience.
    The washbasins of the Cento collection by Kerasan have both these characteristics.
    Being produced in different sizes, they offer an adequate solution for furnishing both large and small bathrooms achieving high levels of customization. The 70x45 cm Cento washbasin with towel holder stands out for the stylish severity of the shape and the basic design that make it extremely original and suitable for trendy bathrooms.

    It’s an unprecedented sink that has a rectangular shape, sharp lines and front or side metal rods underneath that work as towel holders. Optionally it can be equipped with a pop-up waste plug with a ceramic cover.

    This sink also has an overflow hole that prevents the danger of flooding the bathroom. The wall mounting installation is the right solution for small bathrooms where all pieces of furniture should be compact so that the floor space available looks larger and roomier.

    An urban chic style washbasin for contemporary bathrooms

     The 70x45cm washbasin with towel holders is the right choice for those who want an urban chic style bathroom. The compact size and minimal design make it suitable for any home or professional context, because it is adaptable to different interior designs. It is a fixture that offers liveliness and trendiness to the room especially if combined with a backlit or originally framed mirror.

    An Italian made washbasin

    The 70x45 cm sink with towel rail is designed to meet the needs of contemporary living; its versatility allows customers to make better use of space and create an elegant and comfortable bathroom. It is a product which is entirely made-in-Italy, obtained by using certified and uncontaminated raw materials and implementing advanced techniques that allow the craftsmen to shape the clay with attention to detail and thus obtain washbasins with fine lines but extremely solid structures.

    This sturdy and hygienic sink has a smooth, shiny, pore-free surface so that the grime can be easily removed, keeping the bathroom tidy and clean.