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One hole bidet with hemlock legs, Semi-pedestal

    The Cento collection 120x45 cm semi-pedestal washbasin is an ideal way to give a new overall appearance to the bathroom while maintaining style and comfort. Made of white glazed ceramic ware, this washbasin is 120 cm wide and 45 cm deep which means it is a large and capacious basin with a semi-pedestal that covers the fitting pipes. It can furnish creative spaces offering various solutions and wide customisation.

    A Washbasin for modern bathrooms

    The 120x45 cm washbasin is a real work of design that well suits medium and large sized bathrooms in which any style of contemporary and modern furnishing prevails. It is easy to clean and solid, designed to last in time and maintain its shininess unaltered while staying trendy despite changes in fashion and style. The Cento sink with its semi-pedestal helps you to make better use of space. Combined with a mirror of the same size and unique style bathroom accessories, it is the viable way to create a comfortable relaxation area which is extremely attractive thanks to its essential and unique aesthetics.