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washbasin 60x45 towel rail

    Washbasin 60x45 towel rail

    The latest changes in washbasin production have been imposed by modern interior design that increasingly requires new features that ensure innovation and functionality.  These factors can be found in the 60x45 cm Cento washbasin with towel holder. It’s a fixture of original design; a simple structure with strong lines, highlighted by the brightness of the ceramic glaze and the metal rod underneath that works as towel holder.  It is a sink that offers a high level of customization and optimization of the space available and combines style and ease of use.

    The suspended sink is the ideal solution for furnishing rooms because it facilitates use of the space underneath the sink too.

    The Cento washbasin: minimal design for a modern style bathroom

    The urban chic-inspired Cento washbasin can suit any kind of living space thanks to its simple beauty. It contributes to defining the style of the bathroom, and can be used with minimal décor, northern European style or even the industrial style which are so trendy today. Together with a backlit mirror and tasteful accessories, this sink brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to small bathrooms, whilst it offers two comfortable and practical workspaces if installed in pairs with another identical basin in large bathrooms. 

    For one-bathroom homes where the struggle for time in the bathroom is reality, a rectangular framed mirror can be a viable solution for building a welcoming and stunning area.

    A convenient and clean washbasin

    The Cento washbasin fully complies with the requirements of contemporary interior design. It is manufactured with high quality raw materials, implementing advanced techniques that allow to shape the clay in a unique way. The result of the manufacturing process is a very high quality and aesthetically original product. The Cento washbasin stands out for its solid structure and fine design that lightens the overall appearance of the room. The shiny and uneven surface facilitates easy removal of the dirt and grime and prevents clogging because the water runs out faster. Thus, the sink always remains clean and a high standard of hygiene and sanitation is ensured.