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washbasin 120x45, drawer

    Washbasin 120x45, drawer

    The 120x45 cm washbasin: a breath of fresh air in the bathroom

    Whether your bathroom is in construction or undergoing restyling, you must carefully choose your new sink to avoid inadequate products of low quality. Considering the wide range of washbasins on the market, don't let yourself to be cheated by very cheap prices because it is hardly ever a good value for the money you spend.

    Misleading but, at the same time, winsome advertising works as a smokescreen and sometimes you could be forced to replace the sink after a short period of use! That’s why it is so important to think about a fixture that combines high standards of comfort and great style, preferably made of high-quality ceramic ware such as the Cento collection 120x45 cm washbasin. The simple lines of the 120x45 cm washbasin highlight all the charm of contemporary design. This type of washbasin requires minimal maintenance: it’s one of life’s big comforts if you spend many hours away from home! On demand, a convenient pop-up waste plug with a ceramic top and a bottle trap in different metallic finishes are also available to complete your bath set.

    The 120x45cm washbasin: the advantage of a good deal

    Designed by Marc Sadler, a well-known international designer, the Cento washbasin features a captivating, ergonomic, rectangular bowl which is extremely resistant to temperature changes. Traditionally white, it is made of the finest Italian fire clay. Do not miss the opportunity to install this basin and add a touch of unique, original and minimal chic style to your bathroom.

    Your personality will reflect on the whole interior design! You will immediately love the perfection of the finish and its even surface that shows the care taken in every stage of the manufacturing process which promotes the use of environmentally friendly substances. That's why the 120x45 cm washbasin will reward you not only in terms of aesthetics and convenience but also from an eco-sustainable point of view. By virtue of the wide capacity of the bowl and tests that confirm a scratch proof and shockproof surface, this washbasin ensures durability and high standards of comfort. Moreover, it combines functionality, user-friendliness and a reliable performance. Thanks to its unique lateral drawers, it is the ideal solution for organising a clean and tidy bathroom.