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washbasin 50x45 towel rail

    washbasin 50x45 towel rail

    Modern style bathrooms increasingly require versatile and original furnishing solutions designed to make better use of ever smaller spaces. The Cento 50x45 cm washbasin with towel holder comes up with a really good design and aesthetic details that are as convenient as elegant.  It’s a compact fixture suitable for being installed in minimal style bathrooms thanks to the simple and refined design that develops a sense of harmony and lightness in the room.   

    A washbasin of contemporary design

    This washbasin satisfies all needs of contemporary living that, more and more often require pieces of furniture with a solid, beautiful and easy-to clean frame able to suit any type of home decor. The wall-hung 50x45 cm sink has a rectangular shape highlighted by the brightness of the white porcelain and the chrome metal rods underneath that can be installed on both sides or in the front of the basin. It’s a long-lasting product made of high-grade vitreous china molded by the implementation of high-tech machinery that lend sanitary ware a newer and trendy form. Its uneven surface prevents the growth of bacteria and allows the grime to be easily removed so much so that the bathroom will be tidy and clean for hours on end.

    A washbasin for urban chic style bathrooms

    The Cento washbasin with towel holder can be used as a hand basin in small toilets or as the main fixture in master bathrooms. It’s the ideal solution in urban chic style settings especially if combined with a backlit mirror, maybe with a very original frame. Thereby it is possible to build a contemporary style bathroom in which it is particularly pleasant to spend time and relax. The suspended 50x45 cm sink, with a ceramic waste plug, can customize public toilets and private bathrooms thanks to its essential nature which ensures a distinctive style and a high standard of comfort. This washbasin can create a stark contrast of colour in bathrooms with dark wall tiling, whilst it doesn’t affect the balancebetween materials and colours in those with stone tiles or wood flooring, >better yet it provides a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.