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washbasin 120x45 with free standing unit

    One hole wall hung or counter top 120x45 whit Brass free standing unit chrome finish for washbasin

    The 120x45 cm Cento washbasin with stand: an innovative design for contemporary bathrooms.

    The Cento collection is the result of meticulous attention paid to the evolution of styles in bath décor and the needs of comfort in modern life. All the products of this line feature simple shapes, cleverly designed to combine style and functionality, realised to improve aesthetics and make better use of space. Marc Sadler, the designer of the Cento collection, offers washbasins of different sizes and combinations, including the 120x45 cm washbasin with stand. It’s a simple-shaped bathroom fixture produced paying attention to each and every detail, including the choice of materials with which it is made. It perfectly fits into medium-sized or large bathrooms of residential houses or public facilities where it stands out for its splendour.

    A washbasin for welcoming and attractive bathrooms

    The 120x45 cm washbasin has a rectangular shape and a large bowl that extends over almost the entire width of the basin. It is positioned on a lightweight metal structure equipped with brackets that can be used as towel holders. It is an elegant and solid product, made in Italy, obtained by using high-quality raw materials and implementing avant-garde technologies that ensure aesthetics and functionality over time. It’s a useful and classy fixture that can turn any bathroom into a relaxing and comfortable place.

    A washbasin for tailor-made bathrooms

    The 120x45 cm Cento washbasin is extremely versatile, so much so that it perfectly suits trendy environments in minimal or urban chic style. It easily blends with various styles of furniture it is combined with. Together with a modern style mirror, the best result is obtained if the mirror is as large as the washbasin, the whole environment can be modernly redesigned in order to keep up with the times. A winning furnishing solution can also be reached by choosing glossy and bright coloured wall tiles.