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Cento steel wall hung unit with metal shelf black matt 60x45

    A suspended vanity unit: a must-have for a trendy bathroom

    We must admit that furnishing a bathroom is never an easy challenge. The challenge is even more difficult when the environment is not very big and, therefore, there is a need to find a balance between functionality, aesthetics and design in every single bathroom fixture or piece of furniture. To make the best use of the space available in the bathroom, a truly ingenious solution could be the installation of specific sanitary ware and suspended steel vanity units with shelves.

    Not surprisingly, Kerasan has decided to focus its production on these original and innovative solutions like the Cento collection that can improve the style of any type of bathroom ensuring maximum comfort and usability. This elegant, suspended vanity unit is quite small (only 60 cm large and 45 cm deep) and is well suited to a modern style bathroom characterized by the purest design but can be also the perfect accessory to enhance the classic style of a more traditionally furnished bathroom. Playing on the eternal black and white contrast, the suspended steel vanity unit with shelf prepared for washbasin sheds some light on the entire room, enhancing the pure white of the washbasin that stands out immaculately from the matt black of the vanity unit on which it stands.

    Between design and elegance: all the charm of suspended vanity units

    As we have already seen, the Cento line by Kerasan immediately draws attention thanks to the unique and inimitable design and the timeless and sumptuous charm that admirably combines  classic and  modern styles for classy furnishings that anticipate the architecture of the future.

    Not surprisingly, this vanity unit perfectly attains to Kerasan's goal of supplying bathroom fixtures and fittings designed in different colours and materials uniquely to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers. The great strength of steel perfectly blends with the design of the whole set which becomes even more emblematic thanks to the blinding white of the washbasin that almost seems to float in the surrounding space.

    Why choose a suspended vanity unit?

    Such a question cannot be dismissed in haste since it is possible to give several answers. First, choosing a suspended vanity unit prepared for a washbasin is the perfect strategy for those who have quite a small bathroom. Doing so, in fact, you can make better use of space considering the importance of design and aesthetics. Secondly, the suspended steel vanity unit with its shelf prepared for a washbasin creates a sumptuous and regal atmosphere in the bathroom, adding a modern and sophisticated touch of style even when the room is a tribute to the most classical tradition.

    The strength of the sanitary ware and the suspended vanity units produced by Kerasan is enclosed in this sentence: every aspect of bath decor is planned in a meticulous and careful way that embodies the link between past and present, between minimalist design and innovation.