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washbasin 100 with wall hung cabinet

    The Waldorf 100 cm washbasin with suspended unit: old fashioned style in modern bathrooms

    For a sophisticated and original bathroom, the 100 cm Waldorf washbasin with its suspended unit is an ingenious solution for furnishing bathrooms with a touch of classic stylistic notes mixed with high performance and the remarkable Italian quality. This washbasin with its suspended cabinet is part of the Waldorf collection, a result of the creativity of Massimiliano Cicconi who wanted to bring back to contemporary style bathrooms the aristocratic image of sanitary ware which was installed in the famous New York Astoria Hotel in the 1890s.

    Making better use of space ensuring high standards of comfort

    The Waldorf 100 cm washbasin with suspended cabinet is a space-saving fixture that can enhance even the simplest and most common bathroom. It is a compact unit composed of a sink and storage compartments. This set is the ideal solution for small bathrooms in which comfortable sanitary ware that stand out for compactness and lack of frill are highly recommended. In an elegantly designed vintage style, the Waldorf washbasin with its wall unit recalls the mood of those who believe in modernity. The wall installation makes the room look larger and brighter while at the same time, facilitating cleaning operations.

    Ceramic ware and wood: beauty and compactness in perfect harmony

    The Waldorf 100 cm washbasin with its wall unit is the perfect match between two materials: the white ceramic ware of the sink and the wood of the base which is available in several colours: white, walnut, lacquered green or burgundy. The basin is well-proportioned compared to the whole set and particularly comfortable thanks to the double thick edges that provide an aristocratic touch to the rectangular shape of the sink. The cabinet has a drawer and a storage space with a drop front door with no handles or knobs. The opening is facilitated by a groove running along the front of the drawer.