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Washbasin 40

    The Inka 40 cm semi-recessed washbasin by Kerasan is a bathroom fixture characterized by great aesthetic value and it is, at the same time, a new space-saving initiative. It is the right choice to furnish the bathroom combining convenience and beauty. With its extremely small size (40x40 cm), it is designed to make better use of space and to improve the entire aspect of this environment.
    It has a squared shape but no sharp edges, due to the soft and curvy lines of the front of the basin. The central bowl is deep and welcoming, whilst the external rim of the front area is different from the back section which is flat and spacious. It boasts a back-to-wall installation in order to have a large worktop for toiletries; more rounded in the front, because it protrudes partially and partially fits into the vanity top of the bathroom, in order to emphasise the whole interior design and offering efficient use of the sink.

    This washbasin can be placed in bathrooms of all types and sizes. More in detail, it is the best solution for small bathrooms in which it is necessary to evoke a feeling of being in an airy room without any obstacles to limit movement, bathrooms which, however, express comfort and functionality. In addition to be richly decorative, thanks to its exclusive and unconventional design, the Inka 40 cm semi-recessed washbasin is compact and ensures solidity and strength typical of the superior quality of the ceramic used for its production.

    It can be installed both on vanity units and counter tops made of ceramic or other material. Kerasan gives the chance to have a sink and a wall-hung unit assembled in one piece, making better use of the space available in the bathroom and enhancing the look of the room with an elegant and refined style.
    The Inka 40 cm semi-recessed washbasin by Kerasan, designed by Massimiliano Cicconi, is part of the Inka Project collection and it is available both in glossy white and in glossy or matte black.