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Small washbasins






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We have selected a series of washbasins for small rooms, first-class basins for those who must furnish a small bathroom.
Which dimensions define a small washbasin?
A washbasin is small when it is less than 60 cm wide.

Small washbasins are suitable for bathrooms with reduced dimensions, so-called quarter of half bathrooms.
They are suitable, however, also for master bathrooms and full bathroom which give a bit of luxury to your home.

Small washbasins can also be used as a further piece of furniture in bathrooms near a laundry room, or in public places. The corner shaped model is save-spacing.
Following the latest trends in bathroom design, small washbasins are no longer simply practical alternatives for tight spaces or architectural obligations or built-in solutions. Some mini-washbasin collections have been designed to be a jewel in the bathroom, a real piece of furniture that is beautiful to look at.

Small rectangular and corner washbasins

As far as the more conventional lines go, we can include rectangular mini-washbasins, having dimensions ranging from 40 to 45 cm in width and from 25 to 35 cm in depth. In this context we can include the counter top washbasins with 4 glazed sides and wall-mounted taps, and the counter top or wall hung washbasins and taps, also available in the handy version with a towel rail. All rectangular washbasins, due to their totally squared lines, are characterized by a modern style. We must emphasize the availability, in the same collection, of a small square washbasin, 45x45 cm. In Kerasan collections there are two corner basins, available both in the vintage, retro style and in the more modern one, 41 cm and 45 cm wide respectively. Both the suspended and the counter top models are space-saving solutions.

Small and round washbasins

Compact washbasins with reduced dimensions are not only produced with squared lines but also with curved lines. They soon become the main attraction of small bathrooms definitely highlighting a certain elegance, style and refinement. They look like an actual bowl, 45/46 cm diameter with thin and ultra-thin edges.
The shapes are well designed and look very elegant thanks to their sinuous lines.

They stand our inside small spaces and the washbasin becomes the star attraction in the bathroom. There is also a very interesting round basin with a thick edge and a flat bottom which curves inwards, also available in black.
As you can see from the pictures, there are bowls with longer shapes and bowls with a flat bottom. Some of them recall a traditional bowl, while others are cylindrical with an enlarged base. The sinuosity of the shapes is not just the prerogative of the "bowls"; one of the RETRÓ washbasins reminds us that classic lines always denote elegance; the 50x41 cm recessed washbasin evokes the shape of a stylized heart.

The starring role of a washbasin in small bathrooms is not only conferred by the sinuosity of the forms or the personal touch of the designers. Sometimes you can choose to abandon the traditional white colour to give the bathroom an unexpected touch of class that makes a difference.

Decorated washbasins

Decorated washbasins are a precious jewel that gives the bathroom a somewhat classic and exotic atmosphere, with shapes and motifs that are vital and compact like arabesques.
Decorated washbasins catch the eye thanks to their purity, simplicity and chromatic verve. In terms of design, they modernize the world of washbasins thanks to the special removable bottom that facilitates maintenance. This makes them a perfect mix of artistic genius, domestic efficiency and design.

Thus, the washbasin assumes the typical shape of a "giant button" because the bottom, which can be decorated with different patterns, has two central drain holes that allow the drain plug to be accessible. The bottom of the basin becomes protagonist thanks to the decorations which acquire dynamism through naturalistic textures, oriental lines and geometric shapes and give rise to five different decorative motifs. It is worth noting that these washbasins are also available in six different colours (grey, burgundy, white, matte white, and black matte).

Regarding the colours, as already mentioned, one can choose between the monochromatic background and the characteristic decorations.
As for the shapes, we can choose from a funnel-shaped basin, one with rounded sides and another one with slimmer and longer lines.
These special washbasins represent cutting-edge design, artistic research and functional innovation.