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Large Washbasins





In this section Kerasan presents large washbasins for those who love large bathrooms.
Large washbasins by Kerasan are suitable for very large rooms and therefore they allow customers freer and more personalized solutions that can satisfy designers’ aesthetic and functional needs as well as those of architects and private citizens.
Large washbasins are versatile bathroom fixtures that can be placed in large spaces. They have no limits, so much so that, in the Kerasan collections, large and deep washbasins are available in a variety of models and in a variety of assembly solutions, nothing excluded.

It is sometimes difficult to install large washbasins in small bathrooms due to their volume, but this problem does not exist in larger rooms.

Kerasan sanitary ware collection includes different kinds of washbasins:

• counter top basins • suspended washbasins • pedestal washbasins • free-standing washbasins • inset basins • semi-recessed washbasins
Given the wide variety of choices, Kerasan also offers a solution that has become almost a must in large, modern bathrooms, that is, double washbasins.

Double washbasins

Double washbasins can be found in two different collections and they present different assembly solutions: suspended, counter top, or with special vanity units in which they may be recessed. The rectangular and trendy double washbasin, with its geometric but clean lines, has the following dimensions: 140 cm wide and 45 cm deep.


• suspended or counter top double basin
• double basin with drawer
• double basin with towel rail
• double basin with suspended vanity unit
• double basin with floor vanity unit
Rectangular shaped double washbasins have rounded corners, double thick edges and oval shaped wash bowls that recall the American neogothic style. They are 150 cm wide and 55 cm deep.

Assembly solutions:

• one-hole wall-mounted double basin (three holes on request) • double basin with metal floor unit and glass shelf • double basin with wall unit, two drawers and two lacquered wooden folding doors In this collection we can notice a mix of ceramic, wood, glass and metal for a bathroom decoration that responds to an elegant, aesthetic and functional combination of materials.

Dimensions of Large washbasins with only one wash bowl

Large Kerasan washbasins with only one wash bowl can be installed in many ways.
The dimensions of the washbasin range from a minimum of 40 cm to a maximum of 140 cm, while the depth ranges from 37 cm to 55 cm.

Suspended or counter top washbasins are rectangular, or with an elliptical wash bowl. These washbasins have clean lines and follow the trendiest styles.

In the collections that recall a vintage or retro atmosphere, there are washbasins and counter top basins made of chromed brass, vanity units with cone shaped legs and a towel rail, or with simple aluminium legs.

These collections are characterized by washbasins with an oval wash bowl and a concave bottom, or by more classic lines in a rounded elliptical shape with curved lines at the front of the washbasin.
The dimensions of these washbasins (and their possible vanity units) are 100 cm wide and 55 cm deep.
Another collection of washbasins with only one wash bowl, deserving mention, is characterized by a neoclassical, monumental style with “noble” and refined lines, whose sizes range from 60 to 120 cm in width and 55 cm in depth.

These washbasins may be assembled or installed in different ways:

• single-hole suspended washbasins (with three holes on request)
• washbasins with a built-in metal floor vanity unit with glass shelf
• washbasins with a built-in wall unit with a drawer
• Washbasins sized 60 cm or 80 cm on a pedestal.

A washbasin that deserves special mention is a one-piece free-standing washbasin, whose shape is a real sculpture, and which expresses not only a brilliant design, but is a work of art which demonstrates Kerasan's ten-year knowledge in craftsmanship and creativity.
A work of art that gives personality and charm to the bathroom. The Artwork washbasin is 95 cm high and it has an oval and concave wash bowl. It is perfect for large bathrooms, not only for its dimensions, but for its artistic monumental nature. Its sinuous lines and the chiselled expression of a face recalls the late '800 Italian avant-garde.

This one-piece free-standing washbasin expresses strength and personality. Its centrality and its sculptural strength is the most you could wish for to make the interior design of your bathroom deluxe and artistic.