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Washbasin 150 with metal floor standing

    The elegance and functionality of the 150 cm washbasin and metal vanity unit

    Suitable for both contemporary and vintage style bathrooms, the Waldorf washbasin and metal vanity unit is a multi-use bathroom set with a great aesthetic value. It can be used for personal care but also for storing different kinds of items, thanks to the useful glass shelf in the lower part of the vanity unit.
    This set has an essential design and it is devoid of any superfluous element.
    The washbasin is designed to fully comply with standards of ergonomics, utility and beauty. It combines two equally important factors in interior design: convenience and aesthetic quality.

    The Waldorf sink: features and quality

    Kerasan offers a wall-hung double washbasin manufactured with the best materials to ensure solidity and enduring quality. The glossy surface ideally combines with brass taps whereas the metal vanity unit is chemically treated and is water repellent. The vanity unit, 150 cm wide, has a glass shelf which is ideal for storing the accessories needed in a bathroom. Moreover, glass is a material that matches perfectly with metal, revealing a great artistic value and visual effect. The Waldorf washbasin and metal vanity unit is characterized by an elegant modern design, high grade performance and an extraordinary resistance to chemical agents.