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Washbasin 80 on pedestal

    The pedestal washbasin: a fitting suitable for every bathroom

    The Waldorf pedestal washbasin is particularly suitable for vintage-style bathrooms, but fits, with an amazing visual effect, even in the most modern bathrooms.
    In the first case this item will get on well with the surrounding space, while in the second case it will create a pleasant contrast enhancing everything that surrounds it. This washbasin stands out for a traditionally simple, but at the same time, elegant design characterized by clean lines. It can be embellished with bright brass taps and placed both in large or small bathrooms thanks to its size, 80x55 cm.

    Technical features of the Waldorf pedestal washbasin

    This product, included in the Kerasan catalogue, offers high performance capacity and is highly resistant to chemicals, stains, moisture and wear. Usually, a sink must necessarily be sturdy, solid and safe, being used every day and this washbasin by Kerasan fully satisfies every need.
    The Waldorf collection pedestal washbasin is composed of a bowl on a squared pedestal: the combination is the result of the continuous search for original-style sanitary ware on the part of Kerasan, technical experts in this field. Cleaning, as well as maintenance and installation on the wall or in a recess, is very simple.
    The ceramic used for the washbasin has a polished surface that successfully combines with other materials such as glass and metal which most accessories are usually made of.