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Washbasins 62x46

    The 62x46 recessed washbasin from the Retro collection is the ideal solution for a classic style bathroom with an innovative and modern design.

    Kerasan presents this recessed washbasin for a youthful, trendy bathroom, while maintaining the taste and elegance of a vintage product, thanks to its round and clean lines.

    The round outer rim which keeps the counter top from getting wet, leads to a deep and large washing bowl that is ideal for daily personal care. This 62x46 cm washbasin is a recessed washbasin conceived by Kerasan designers to decorate a refined and classy bathroom in private homes or in hotels, aiming at the well-being of the clients.

    Inset in a wooden or marble counter top, the Retro collection 62x46 recessed washbasin will become the central attraction of the bathroom, thanks to its shape that embellishes and enriches any counter top. Made of precious white, high-quality and strictly Italian made ceramic, this valuable washbasin has an elegant overflow hole and a single hole (three holes on demand) for a mixer tap that will contribute to make this basin a masterpiece and the top of the range in a modern and fashionable bathroom, without giving up the elegance of the past.