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Washbasins 73x45

    Vintage style is trendy and Kerasan offers the 73 cm washbasin with a pedestal as a practical and fashionable solution for the bathroom.

    With a refined and striking design, this washbasin certainly will not pass unnoticed. Thanks to its compact and rounded lines, it becomes the undisputed centre of attraction in the bathroom.

    Daily personal hygiene operations, such as washing your face or hands or primping, will be easy thanks to this washbasin that makes everything conveniently simple, but never loses sight of its aesthetic function and its efficiency in furnishing the bathroom with style and moderation.

    Surely, these are the striking details of this Kerasan Retro washbasin. The inner bowl, gently surrounded by the sweet embrace of the outer shell, perfectly follows a round contour and creates an almost hypnotic play on shapes. All of this can be embellished with a bright and simple vintage-style chrome mixer tap, which perfectly fits this piece of furniture. Made of high-quality ceramic, the 73 cm washbasin is available in two very adaptable colours: white and black, which are perfect for all environments. It can be placed in any space thanks to its dimensions (73x54 cm).

    The pedestal which supports this beautiful washbasin not only gives it a classical appearance which is very fashionable and elegant, but it also makes it even more stable and solidly fixed on the floor. This washbasin clearly meets everyone’s needs.