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White bathtub

    The bathtub has always been a particular interior design item due to its intended function of aiding relaxation and well-being. It is a "must", especially in larger and more spacious bathrooms where this very elegant and important fixture stands out among others.

    This is the concept behind the production of this very beautiful bathtub.

    Its wraparound shape becomes immediately evident and captures your attention, thanks to the elegance of its curves that match perfectly with the bathroom fixtures of the same collection.

    Made of acrylic, a resistant and easy to clean material, it stands out not only for its colour, black or white but, above all, thanks to the chromatic detail of its supports recalling beautiful lion paws.

    Equipped with bottle trap and drainpipe, the bathtub of the Retro collection will fulfil its leading role thanks to its dimensions: just 77x170 cm. It is the best solution for all types of bathrooms, from the smallest to the most spacious ones. In large bathrooms, the bathtub can be placed in the middle of the room with a free-standing bath shower mixer standpipe, a truly original and final detail that will make the bathtub even more elegant and refined as only a vintage piece of furniture can be.