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Black bath-tub

    The black bathtub from the Retro collection by Kerasan is an elegant and spectacular fixture that makes the bathroom seem larger and more welcoming. It’s the perfect furnishing solution for those who want to combine enviable lavishness and a high standard of comfort. With its original shape, the Retro bathtub is part of the eponymous line of sanitary ware designed by Alfredo Anzellini and Massimiliano Cicconi. It is an indisputable classic style bathtub embellished by fittings inspired by the grandeur of the early 20th century.

    The black Retro bathtub fits into bathrooms of all sizes thanks to its balanced proportions (77x170 cm). Inspired by the elegant form of the old-fashioned bean-shaped bathtubs, it enhances the area in which it will be placed thanks to its magnificence. Its classic style is highlighted by the external drainpipe and 4 legs in the shape of a lion’s paw that allow a freestanding installation and ensure a high grade of adaptability, ease of use and high decorative value. The vintage style of the Retro bathtub doesn’t preclude its use in more modern bathrooms: the sophisticated design, the thin contour line together with high-quality materials with which this bathtub is made, make this tub a must-have in fashionable houses. As for materials, the bathtub is made from acrylic sheet which is subsequently insulated with reinforced polyester for added toughness, whereas feet, bottle trap and drainpipe are in solid chrome plated brass.

    This bathtub is the perfect solution for creating a very formal atmosphere in a bathroom. It is white inside and black outside: a color combination which is of great visual effect and, at the same time, extremely versatile because it can match various colours of furniture and wall tiles. Accessories are offered in gold, bronze, chrome or white finishes to further enhance the already sophisticated look of the bathtub. Moreover, the freestanding installation expands the possibilities of use because it can sit in various areas: in the center of a large bathrooms or near a wall in smaller ones and, why not, in a bedroom too.