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Corner shower tray 80x120 SX

    A shower tray is part of the bathroom interior decoration, but people often take it into consideration only after choosing the other bathroom fixtures. Yet, even this product is of fundamental importance in the bathroom so much so that you can find the most suitable model for your needs of space and taste on the market. In the past, there were only white glazed shower trays made of a limited selection of materials, shapes and sizes on the market. It was the only choice, while today a wider range of shower trays is available especially if we take into consideration all features previously stated.

    In buying a shower tray the most sought-after features are comfort, safety, durability and ease of cleaning, as well as the combination with the existing bathroom design. Shower trays are usually positioned on the floor - in this case it forms a small step which is compulsory if you want to release excess water – or the drain pipes are small enough to be inset. Speaking of aesthetics and convenience, this kind of installation is the best.

    The 80x120 quadrant shower tray is 20 cm high and features the drain on the left or on the right. It is suitable for furnishing shower areas with elegance and efficiency. Thanks to its height from the floor level it is also suitable for showers where there is not enough slope for the flow of water. Therefore, it suits every type of bathroom. Easy to clean, anti-slip and aesthetically very refined, this quadrant shower tray has nice patterns on the walkable area which have been designed specifically to prevent slipping when it is wet.

    The exact dimensions of the shower tray are 120 cm wide, 80 cm deep and 20 cm high. The shower tray can be mounted in a corner of the bathroom, but it can also be the ideal solution for a shower space created in a specifically designed and tailor-made area in the middle of the room.