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corner shower tray 80x96 SX

    The 80x96 cm shower tray: furnishing with style

    The 80x96 cm shower tray from the Retro , besides being an essential fixture in a modern-day bathroom, it is also the winning combination with sanitary ware of the same line if you are looking to renovate the entire bathroom. Nevertheless, it can perfectly fit into pre-existing bathrooms in which its unique style comes to light more decisively. However, since the first stage of the Retro project, the two designers Alfredo Anzellini and Massimiliano Cicconi, have been inspired by the elegance and the style that characterized luxury mansions of the past. Produced by using high-tech machinery, the Retro shower tray stands out for its sophisticated design that recalls old-fashioned bathrooms, in a perfect mix of tradition and innovation. Despite the size, it is quite versatile and equally suitable for small bathrooms.

    The 80x96 cm shower tray: practical and functional

    This valuable partner in personal care activities, besides being unquestionably beautiful, is the trump card in bath décor thanks to its uniqueness and extreme functionality. The non-slip and scratch-proof walking area is not smooth, but it boasts several embossed buttons that ensure maximum grip and safety, especially for children who love splashing around in the shower enclosure. The rectangular shape is softened by beveled corners. Both the embossed buttons on the walking area and the high edges make this shower tray much more beautiful and much less dangerous. The finest fire clay used in the production ensures excellent quality and never presents manufacturing imperfections. Even after many years of use, the glaze remains spit and polish; hence, much the same. Waterproof and shockproof, this shower tray stands out for the stylish design in modern or vintage style bathrooms.